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Home fitness equipment - try before you buy.

Friday, 20 November 2015

I don't know about anyone else but over the years we have had so many different types of fitness equipment I have almost lost count.

The worst by far was an air walker - it could just be my complete lack of coordination that made using this a complete and utter impossibility for me but honestly the results were hilarious!

Before Liv was born my Husband used to do a lot of weight training, however he quickly realised he couldn't do that and be as hands on as he wanted with Liv so he sadly let them go.

At the moment we only have a treadmill, an exercise bike and a stepper but we have both been feeling like we would like to add something new that actually works.

We have both been looking into vibration plates. The research behind them is very convincing and also they look fun - that is always a bonus when exercising right?!

After so much equipment has come and gone again over the years I will admit that I am quite nervous about buying anything new and then finding out it doesn't suit us.

I wasn't aware that there were companies out there which specialised in hiring out gym equipment until I stumbled upon Hire Fitness.

This means we can simply hire one for a while to try out at home before making the decision to buy one - excellent news!  The price starts at just £20 for 4 weeks. The price also reduces the longer it is hired for! There are also hire to buy options which are something definitely worth bearing in mind. 

Does anyone have any recommendations of other great equipment we could consider? 

Have a look on www.hire-fitness.ie and let me know!