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What is your most prized possession?

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The answer for me is very easy. My beautiful engagement, wedding and eternity rings all chosen by my Husband.

Back on Christmas Eve 2006, while out on our annual Family meal with most of my Family, I was absolutely floored when my then Boyfriend of 2 years tapped his wine glass with a knife (unintentionally bringing the whole resteraunt to a standstill!) the rest is a blur to me, I remember him saying some lovely things and getting down on one knee, at which point I burst out crying! Anyway I said yes and he slipped the most amazing 6 carat pink emerald ring onto my finger. 

Fast forward a year with the wedding only 12 months away, we realised that because of the size and shape of my engagement ring, I would have to have a horse shoe shaped ring made to fit around it. It was really important to me to have a traditional straight wedding ring so I was a little upset and also stunned that neither of us had realised sooner.

Then one day, not long later. My other half said he needed to pop into town for something, thinking nothing of it I settled down on the sofa to catch up with my soaps. Right in the middle of Corrie, he came home, dropped down to one knee in front of the sofa and presented me with the most stunning 18ct white gold, half carat diamond ring. All I can say is it was a good job I was sitting down!

A few weeks later while browsing around jewellers, he also spotted the most perfect wedding ring for me. Another 18 carat white gold band, fitted with 6 beautiful round cut diamonds. Throwing caution to the wind we went inside and tried it on. It fitted like a glove against my engagement ring and looked stunning too so we bought it there and then, we even found his wedding ring - complete with some diamonds of his own!

Our wedding day was amazing, it turned out to be the hottest day of the year - at the very end of September.

Twelve months later on our first wedding anniversary, we had booked to stay the weekend at the country estate we had got married at. While at dinner in the restaurant, my lovely Husband presented me with a half carat diamond eternity ring! 

It also fitted perfectly with my engagement and wedding rings. I still look at them in amazement, not quite able to believe they are mine.

I hope one day that Liv may have my engagement ring as her own, if she likes it that is.

What is your favourite possession?

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