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The best way to choose home exercise equipment.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Is obviously to try before you buy, however that's not so easy unless you join an expensive gym and not to mention actually get to the gym!

We have wasted so much money on different types of fitness equipment that don't work for us over the years.

From small things like weighted hoola hoops (should have made sure I could hoola hoop before buying!) and pull up bars, to huge pieces of equipment that just didn't work for us like my Husbands rowing machine and the air walker.

Right now we only have the treadmill but it is getting old and is heading toward the scrap heap I fear. 

We have both been looking into what to replace it with and have been reading about vibration plates. They sound like great fun to use and seem to actually work too!

With a gym out of the question - we don't drive and would also have to arrange Childcare, I was thrilled when I found this great company called Hire Fitness offered vibration plate hire.  

This means we can hire one for a while to try out in our own home before parting with our hard earned cash to buy one. 

The price starts at just £20 for 4 weeks and actually reduces the longer it is hired for! There are also hire to buy options which are definitely worth bearing in mind if we find they are as good as we suspect.

We would also love to try a cross trainer, I have found one that ticks all the boxes on the same site (see below)

We are planning on trying them out ASAP and buying one for Christmas, ready to work off the mince pies in January!

What are the best and worst exercise aids you have used?