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Choosing the right bed for your Children.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Choosing the right bed for a child is extremely important. The ideal bed will be safe and comfortable, while still appearing attractive. Here are some ideas that are suitable for kids at every stage.

1.  Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been a top choice in Children’s beds for a number of years and continue to be popular today. These days bunk beds are more than two twin beds stacked on top of one another, as they can form an “l” or “U”-shaped pattern or even have a double bed on the bottom. Parents who are worried about their Child falling out of bed don’t have to worry, because most come with rails and can easily be installed if not.

2. Captain’s Bed

A captain’s bed consists of a twin bed with drawers underneath it for storage. This type of bed is an excellent choice for rooms that contain very little storage space, as it provides a place to keep clothing, shoes, or even toys in. Some captain’s beds also come with bookcase headboards that provide even more storage space. The ideal children’s bedding for a captain’s bed would be rather short duvets or sleeping bags that are zipped up and placed on top of the mattress.

3. Car Bed

One of the favourite choices amongst Children is the car bed. This type of bed has a body that is shaped like an automobile (usually a race car), and may even have a makeshift door that opens up as well. One of these beds is typically adorned with children’s bedding that depicts automobiles as well, and can be a perfect addition to a car-themed bedroom.

Liv trying her big cot out for the first time.
4. Princess Beds

Princess beds are especially popular among little girls, and consist of an outer wall that somewhat resembles a castle. This castle typically has an opening in it for the child to enter through, and provides an element of privacy similar to that of a clubhouse. When combined with soft flowing kids bedding, it becomes the ideal spot for a young girl to play make-believe in. The other variation of Princess beds are the kind that are similar to a four poster bed with chiffon curtains draping around the bed.

5. Playhouses

Playhouses are a twist on bunk beds in that they also contain equipment that children can play on. For example, they may have a slide instead of a ladder that is used for getting down from the top bunk. Some may have other features such as a captain’s wheel or a climbing rope as well. Children’s bedding for a playhouse bed should be as simple as possible so as not to interfere with the use of this equipment. As such, duvets with ruffles, zippers or added embellishments would probably not be a good idea.

When setting up a Child's room, it's important to allow your Child to have as much of a say in the decision if possible. This is especially important for very young children who may be transitioning from a cot in their Parent’s room, as the idea of sleeping alone can sometimes be frightening. Having a bedroom that is aesthetically pleasing to them as well as cosy and welcoming can help Children of all ages get a good night’s sleep.