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Children's bedroom solutions.

Friday, 9 October 2015

So lately with the subject of a Brother or Sister being raised repeatedly by Liv, we have started to think about the logistics of having a second Child.

You see we only have a 2 bed semi so if or when we do have another Child, there will only be one room for the new baby and Liv to share. 

The obvious solution - for the first few years at least - would be bunk beds. However, as a Child I had a real fear of bunk beds after falling from a ladder of a standard set. Just the idea of them freaked me out! Luckily my Brother and I had separate rooms so I never had to endure actually sleeping in them!

I can't shake the fear of Liv falling too so I know I don't want to get a standard, 2 beds & 1 ladder type set up.

We have been looking at Children's Beds From Room To Grow, in particular the gorgeous bunk beds.

My favourite set is the Acacia Bibop Bunk Bed currently priced at £699.

As you can see they have a staircase and hand rail rather than a standard ladder - making them the most safe way to get up and down in my opinion. 

These have been really well thought out with touches like the stair case and the shelves alongside the top bunk, allowing 
the Child on the top somewhere to keep their water, books and other special items that they would want to hand at night.

I think these would fit in perfectly in our second bedroom when the time comes.

Time to start a saving pot I think!