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A new hairstyle for 30!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Back in June, just before heading off on a Family holiday to the Dominican Republic for my 30th Birthday, I decided I would like a change from my usual very long waist length brown hair.

I bought hair magazines and searched the internet for days on end. While I was searching I found out about a charity called The Little Princess Trust

If you haven't heard of them either, they are a charity that provides real hair wigs for Children that have sadly lost their own hair due to going through cancer treatment. 

They are only able to do this if they continue to receive donations of real, well cared for hair. 

Right then I decided I was cutting my hair as short as I could dare so that I could send off as much as possible.

After a little reading I discovered that the minimum  amount they could accept was 7 inches - no problem at all I thought!

So I found a style I liked and booked an appointment! 

On the day I showed my lovely hairdresser the style I liked and explained that she would need to put my hair into a bobble, plait it, secure it at the end with another bobble then cut it off! She couldn't quite believe what I was asking her to do and checked several times if I was certain before she started snipping!

An hour or so later I was left with lovely healthy hair cut into a completely new style, and The Little Princess trust were 17 inches of hair better off! 17 whole inches!

My new hairstyle after donating 17 inches of hair to charity.

I love my new style (especially now it is slightly longer and can fit into a ponytail when I need it too!)

So if you are looking for a new style or feel like a change, please do think of donating your hair, it really could make all the difference.