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Decorating - the finishing touches.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

As some of you may remember, last December we completely redecorated the hall, landing and stairs and also our bedroom - for the first time since we bought our house 9 years ago!

We treated ourselves to a memory foam mattress and memory foam pillows, a lovely thick duck feather and down duvet, and some new bedding to go with our newly papered and painted walls.

We chose the perfect canvas, bedside tables, light shade and scatter cushions but I have always felt like something was missing.

I have finally realised what it is, with all of the furniture moved around, there is more laminate flooring on show and somehow it makes the room feel less homely and warm - my Husband seriously thinks I have issues because I have taken to sitting on the bed staring at this space, mind whirring.

Then is dawned on me. All we need is a rug! 

I immediately did what everyone would do after such a realization - got out the laptop!

I came across a company called Rug Mountain and clicked through to their site. A quick search of the world purple brought up the perfect solutions to my musings.

Approximately 3 seconds later my eyes fell on the perfect rug! Take a look at this Home vibrant purple rug and tell me it would not fit perfectly with our room! It is even 65mm thick - bliss!

Then for the important part - the price. It's always my luck to all in love with the perfect item at a 4 figure price . . .

Not this time! Even our non existent budget can stretch to these prices.

For the 60 x 110cm rug we would need, it would cost just £28.54! It is also available in 4 other sizes and 7 other colours if anyone likes it but it is not the right size/colour.