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Arriving home from our Family holiday.

Monday, 29 June 2015

After a very long flight followed by an an almost as long drive, we arrived home from this years holiday on Thursday afternoon.

It wasn't just an average Mummy, Daddy and Liv holiday this year, oh no, it was a large Family holiday to celebrate my 30th Birthday! Last year, we all began saving for our Family holiday and after much debate, finally decided on a 5 star all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.

We took flight on the 11th of June and for the next fortnight myself, Liv, my Husband, Parents, Aunt, Uncle & 2 grown up Cousins have lounged by the pool, sipping cocktails while enjoying the view. 

We took in a few shows together but most importantly, we stepped away from day to day responsibilities and social media and instead spent time making memories.

We usually manage to get together a few times a year and always go out for a meal on Christmas Eve, but it's not a lot really considering we only live a 5/10 minute walk from each other, but as we all know, life has a habit of getting in the way.

I'm really hoping we can go on holiday together again and continue making memories for us all to cherish as Liv grows up.

What do you and your Family do together?

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