Will I always regret refusing braces?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Back when I was 12 it was recommended I have a brace fitted on my top teeth to bring down my left canine. As you can see it is quite obviously higher than all of my other teeth because it grew through while my Baby tooth was still firmly in place.

I steadfastly refused as I didn't want to wear a bulky brace and be made fun of, all for one tooth! I can live with that I told myself! 

However the older I've got the more it bothers me, I'm quite conscious of it when I smile and subconsciously find my head slightly turned to the left in most pictures. 

Needless to say I wish I had agreed to have them back then and got it out of the way when I was younger easy to say now I'm not a a Teenager in secondary school! 

Of course the benefit of having a brace now is that orthodontics has changed so much that you can now have an invisible brace fitted, definitely better than the mouthful of metal I faced as a youngster!

I have been looking into it for some time now as it's bothering me more and more. While doing some research online I found a company called Sensu who are one of London's leading dental studios. Along with invisible braces they also offer cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and facial aesthetics.

As we are thinking of heading to London for my 30th later in the year, I thought I might pop in for a free orthodontic consultation.

After all what better gift could I have than a bit more confidence and a nice straight smile!

Brought to you in association with Sensu.