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How would working a 4 day work week change your life?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Have you ever wondered how working 4 days a week would change your life? It sounds fantastic when you first hear about it, a no brainer really!

However when you actually stop and really start to think about it, there are other aspects too such as possibly working longer hours on those 4 days, less time spent with your Children those four evenings, the cost of extra Childcare and facing a possible reduction in wage.

The positives however far outweigh the niggles in my opinion. For example, losing a little time each evening with your Children will give you a full extra day to spend with them (which in effect will even cut Childcare costs) 

A four day work week would hugely benefit us personally. Since Liv was born we are a one income family, due to working in sales, my Husband has always worked Wednesday to Sunday. This has never been a problem for us until the prospect of Liv going to school has got nearer, now Daddy is worried about not being able to spend as much time with her as he works Weekends.

He has said that he would happily start work an hour earlier and leave an hour later. Working 8am - 6pm four days a week would balance out so wouldn't require a decrease in wage at all. If his colleagues were happy too they could even work out a rolling rota to ensure everyone got a weekend off every few weeks! 

The lovely people over at GoToMeeting have sent me this four day working week infographic. It has some very interesting points. Why not check it out then pop back and let me know your thoughts.