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Is laser hair removal safe for Women?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Let’s be honest, there are certain issues that no woman really likes to talk about – even to her lady friends! It is safe to say that excessive or unwanted hair growth is one of those things. The exact cause of this is not so easy to identify, but experts have found that it does tend to run in families.
While hirsutism – to go by its proper name – is a harmless condition in itself, try telling that to someone who is embarrassed with it and finds it particularly bothersome! This is why we thought it would be worth looking into the increasingly popular form of treatment known as laser hair removal, to see whether this is a safe procedure for women to consider and indeed something that will cure the problem once and for all.
In this feature, we’ll be discussing the laser hair removal procedure, the support available and going through some relevant after-care products that can be used to supplement the treatment.
Who is eligible to undergo laser hair removal?
Through my investigations, I have found out that the laser hair removal technique involves a laser targeting the dark colour (melanin) of the hair in questionWhen it comes to this form of treatment, the larger the area, the better. However, it will only produce results on those with particularly dark hair(more melanin) and while light brown and dark blond should still be okay, unfortunately this does discount redheads and blondes from being eligible for the treatment.
How does the laser treatment work?
Leading industry experts like The Laser Treatment Clinic make use of the latest in laser technology, such as the FDA approved advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser systems.
While this procedure does sound quite complicated anddramatic, once you get to see the facilities and equipment for yourself, you really do wonder what the apprehension was allabout. The laser light does not produce a sustained heat so no damage occurs outside of the follicle itself, while your skin will be soothed by the application of a welcome cooling gel.
As for the procedure itself, a laser light is focused through the sapphire crystal onto the skin’s surface and the energy passes harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis until it reaches the melanin within the hair follicle, which absorbs the light. The gradual rise in temperature destroys the hair-producing cells.
Meeting with the skin experts
Attending a free consultation with the skin experts who perform this type of procedure on a regular basis was less scary than you would have imagined. In fact, these lovely ladies are quite a friendly and easy-going bunch of people.
So there is certainly no need to be concerned about getting ready for the treatment. Everything will be fully explained toyou at the consultation stage to put your mind at ease. You will be provided with plenty of detailed information on the laser procedure and you will be guided through a specific course of treatment tailored to your personal needs (and approved by a medical professional).
This initial briefing also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about absolutely any aspect of the treatment.
If you do decide to go ahead with it, you will be booked in for a skin test patch – although this can usually be performed straight after the consultation.
How do you prepare to undergo such a procedure?

Once you arrive at the clinic on the day of the treatment, you will already have been briefed about what to expect. Therefore, there is none of the trepidation normally associated with waiting rooms and all those thoughts associated withundergoing an invasive procedure.
For more effective results, you’ll have been asked to cut, shave or use a special hair removal product on the hairs in the area due to be treated. It is also recommended you apply sunscreen with an SPF of 40+ after treatment to exposed areas of the skin such as the face. You’ll be given special goggles towear throughout the process.
The laser practitioner will then make sure you are positionedcomfortably before going ahead with the treatment.
How long does the course of treatment take?
The treatment is usually quite quick, but it does depend on the area being treated. For instance, it may take just a couple of minutes to treat the upper lip. On the other hand, laser hair removal on the legs can take as long as an hour.
Does it hurt?
Nowadays, with such sophisticated equipment involved, you can have total peace of mind the procedure is safe. Yes, you might feel a little light stinging or tingling sensation, but most people find this to be more than bearable.
Afterwards, while the skin area treated will often appear reddish pink, this should dissipate and calm down over the next 24 hours. To be honest, that’s more or less it.
How effective is the treatment?
Don’t panic if you don’t notice any results straight away. The skin experts insist that laser hair removal for women is nearly always permanent and most people won’t ever require treatment on the same area ever again. In fact The Laser Treatment Clinic have never had a single client come back for treatment on the same area since the 15 years they started providing laser hair removal treatment.
Caring for your skin after the treatment
Okay, so you no longer have to be concerned with unwanted hair on your body, but how do you manage the treated skin and get it back looking so healthy and smooth?
The good news is that the skin experts also offer a number of skincare products that work really well with the laser hair removal treatment we’ve reviewed above.
For those women who have had hair removed from the face,Ultimate Youth Lift, Ultra Smooth Sea Polish and Marine Boost Super Serum (featured in the image below) all have the ability to sooth, rehydrate and revitalise the skin. The latter is especially great at seeing you right at time of year when many more women are experiencing skin issues.

And for laser hair removal on the bodyyou can use the Body Exfoliation Gloves and Revitalize Marine Body Serum(below).

In addition to providing relief and restoration for laser treated skin, these deeply nourishing and skin replenishing products are the perfect solution to winter-affected skin. They can help to ensure that your skin really gets the boost it needs.
Final thoughts
From the information currently available in the public domain, it would seem like the laser method is indeed a safe and effective treatment to consider for eligible women with unwanted hair problems – as long as it is carried out by trained practitioners with the right credentials. As a long established (since 2000) clinic on Harley Street in London, it’s fair to say that the products and services offered by The Laser Treatment Clinic are certainly worth at least a look.

In partnership with The Laser Treatment Clinic.