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My Christmas wish list for the home.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

For some reason people think I'm mad when I've suggested us buying something we actually need for the house as our Christmas gift to each other. Neither of us particularly want or need anything so why not?! Wouldn't you all love to find a new microwave on Christmas morning? *hides*

The absolute worst room in our house at the minute is the kitchen.

We haven't had an actual oven for years now, instead using the slow cooker, hob and oven feature in the microwave.

Of course that means the oven feature on the microwave has seen a lot of use and is therefore starting to make strange noises, add to that the washing machine making a squealing sound as well as sounding like a steel drum (due to a piece inside the drum coming off and bashing about with the washing, every single time we use it) it can get quite noisy in my kitchen as well as costly to replace everything!

If Santa was going to bring me my wish list for our home this year, this is what I would love please (on the off chance that he reads my Blog)

1) A sparkly new washing machinethat preferably doesn't sound like a one man band! If I'm wishing could it also dry, fold and put away the clothes? No? Damn, maybe something like this then:

2) A replacement built under electric oven. I've managed fine without one (and discovered that meat tastes *amazing* when cooked in the slow cooker) but I would really love to try to bake some cakes with Liv.

3) A new microwave oven, that doesn't threaten to blow up every time it's turned on. I absolutely love the look of this stylish Panasonic commercial microwave.

4) A gas fire that actually works! When we bought our house the current fire had been capped off and had a warning sign tucked inside so we would love to replace it one day.

5) A lovely comfy memory foam mattress to replace our ancient lumpy one.

I'm sure that will all fit nicely under our tree, not much to ask is it?!

What's on your Christmas list this year?