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Must have bathroom accessories - giving your bathroom personality.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Like any room in your house, you will want your bathroom to display your personality. A bathroom needs to be a place where you can get ready for the day ahead, somewhere you can relax in, and a place which is blatantly a part of your home. 

Bathroom suppliers such as Ideal Outlet have an extensive range of fantastic products which allow you to put your stamp on this most important of rooms. I’ve trawled the web to find the best accessories available. Have a read of these top 6 tips and see if there is anything which will transform your bathroom into the perfect place for you. 

1) Funky Shower Curtains.

Today it is easy to find shower curtains with a range of awesome designs. A quick search of Pinterest will bring out great pieces of art work printed onto curtain nylon. Ocean graphics are a particular favourite with whimsical whale likenesses and octopus tentacles reaching up to boat on sea level. If you would prefer a more muted pattern for your shower, 2015 will see 1980s LA pastel shade come back into fashion or for something brighter, deep Mediterranean blues look to be in.   

2) Black Baths.

For those looking for an alternative to the regular white or cream porcelain bath, there is now the super cool black bath option. Baths such as the Saratoga Freestanding Oval bath are ultra-stylish as well as comfortable. Black baths make a fantastic centrepiece for a bathroom as well as a worthy dinner party conversation topic!

3) Quirky Plugs.

Designers of bathroom accessories are forever keen to spot a fun opportunity. It is no surprise, then, that there is a range of novelty plugs available for the more zany bathroom. A particular favourite is the fish body stuck over the plug to give the impression of a poor fishy being stuck going down the drain. 

An even more melancholy accessory is the polar bear stuck on a solitary iceberg floating (attached to the plug to provide a cord to pull on). Along a similar vein, there are the hippos or the crocodiles head (just appearing at water level), a tethered boat or a pug in a rubber ring (obviously).  

4) Luxury Linen Baskets.

For the classier home, wicker linen baskets now come in a range of styles to suit different d├ęcor. Wall-mounted wicker baskets provide more floor space in your bathroom and wire frame designs give an alternative while sticking with the rustic theme.

5) Marvellous Mirrors.

Mirrors are fantastically versatile enabling you to really hone the style of your bathroom through this feature. Whether you want stylish back lighting, a minimalist copper frame or something more quirky, you will have no problem finding a mirror or frame that suits you. 

6) Gorgeous Gadgets.

Bathroom gadgets come in all shapes, sizes and prices from the rather extravagant cyber mirror (basically a smart TV in a mirror – RRP £3749!) to the water-saving Waterpebble which times your showers by monitoring the amount of water used.

Do you have any other tips?