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When will I learn?!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wherever we go, whatever the weather, we always - and I mean always - end up walking for miles and miles. Inevitably in whatever inappropriate footwear we happen to be wearing (flip flops last week on our holiday in Devon!)

We live in North Wales which is renowned for it's beautiful scenery, especially at the peak of our wonderful mountains. We are also quite well known for our lovely wet weather conditions so outdoor clothing and walking shoes really would get used often.

If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times - "we really should get some walking gear" followed by the Husband replying something along the lines of "yeah, next time we see an outdoor shop" - another few months rolls on without coming across such a shop and then we inevitably end up repeating the same conversation.

Well after a discovery this weekend, there will be no more waiting and hoping for a reasonably priced specialist shop to fall into our laps. Why? Because I have discovered that none other than Tesco do a fabulous range of outdoor wear, and a lot of it is on sale at the moment too!

We all need a pair of walking shoes/boots - I particularly like these - mountain warehouse jungle ones, and they are an absolute bargain at half price, just £24.99!

Image source - Tesco.

The below men's waterproof hiking boots would be perfect for the Husband, especially as he could wear them to work in the snow,  he often complains of cold wet feet in the winter. Another half price bargain at just £39.99.

Image source - Tesco.

That just leaves us needing to buy some walking boots for Olivia and waterproof outerwear for us all, which is also very reasonably priced.

I only wish I had seen these bargains before we spent well into three figures kitting Liv out with a hat, coat, gloves and snow boots. Worse still, they will only fit her for a couple of months so no chance of reusing them next year like you can as an Adult.

I will definitely remember where to go next year and send all my Family and Friends flocking to their local Tesco when they see us all cosy and dry in the rain and snow we will inevitably have. There will be no concerns here though, bring it on I say!

Contributed by Tesco.