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The Ingredients of a Great (yet tastful) Hen Party

Friday, 7 November 2014

Having a great send off into married life is the right of every woman, and so a fantastic hen party is an absolute must. There are a few vital ingredients that every successful hen party needs, and before your mind goes that way, this is a classy joint and so we’ll be looking at a more tasteful hen party. If you want to go more debauched and incorporate sins of the flesh then that’s your choice!

Consider the guest list carefully
Choosing a guest list for the hen party is a fine art and its importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Does the bride-to-be really want some of her old school friends there to whom she hasn’t spoken in years. Does she even want her mother there? If needs be, just ask her who she wants there. Easy.

Make it personal
You’ve all seen the hen parties wandering around on a night out with sashes and the like but most hen parties all look the same. To avoid that, try making it personal. How about getting t-shirts printed with embarrassing photos of the bride-to-be on there? Check out www.zippi.co.uk for some cool personalised t-shirts and other items.

Do something memorable
Rather than just go on a night out and have the night blend in to the many other nights out in her life, why not do something memorable that will stick in her memory forever? Something like a spa day would be a great idea as it’s relaxing and makes her feel special but is also something that she’ll no doubt remember. If you’re feeling active, then why not do some utterly crazy like white water rafting or paintballing? It’ll certainly be memorable! You can find more on some great ideas here.

Make a weekend of it
Having a great day is all well and good but having a great weekend would be even better! By spreading it out over the weekend, you can have several things planned and make it even more memorable. You can have a great day on the Saturday, followed by a night out and then you have the whole of Sunday to recover! By having it over the course of a weekend, you can also think a little further afield in terms of where you actually have the hen party, and if it’s a long weekend then you could even consider heading abroad if budgets allow.

Pace Yourself!
If you go hell for leather from the off then you’ll be in bed by 8pm, so make sure you pace yourself. No-one wants to have to look after one of the other hen-goers as they throw up after downing 14 shots of Jaegermeister, so don’t plan anything that involves drinking heavily too early on. It’ll also make the following morning a lot less painful!
Brought to you in association with Zippi.