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Great Wedding Anniversary Milestone Gift Ideas.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

When your wedding anniversary rolls around each year, it’s important to do something to celebrate, even if it’s just a card or a little present. Here are some great gift ideas to match up with some of the most significant anniversaries and what they represent…

1st Anniversary – Paper
As it’s your first anniversary then you should do something special. If you can afford it, plane tickets for a holiday would be amazing, but if money can’t stretch that far, even a hand written love letter would be a really personal gift. A photograph of the two of you would be a good idea, too. Venture does some excellent couples and wedding anniversary photography.

5th Anniversary – Wood
If you wanted to go down the holiday route again then a trip to a log cabin would be an excellent way to spend your anniversary. These cabins would make the perfect getaway.

10th Anniversary – Tin
Tin is hardly the most glamorous of materials, so you might want to skip this one. However, each wedding anniversary also apparently has precious stones linked to them, and the 10thanniversary just happens to be diamonds. Happy days!

15th Anniversary – Crystal/glass
Many people like to renew their vows on their 15thanniversary, but when it comes to gifts, crystal and glass are the most common gifts. Some fancy champagne flutes would be perfect to toast your anniversary – Dartington make some lovely flutes and glasses.

20th Anniversary – China
Well the holiday idea is obvious here but it’s going to cost a fair amount of money! You could also host a dinner party for all your family and friends and get out your finest china to celebrate such a major milestone.

25th Anniversary – Silver
A quarter of a century! This is a massive milestone and therefore it needs to be celebrated. A silver piece of jewellery would be a perfect gift or maybe a silver photo frame for one of your wedding photographs.

30th Anniversary – Pearl
If you want to go a little more creative then you could go out for dinner and have oysters – if you can stomach them, that is!
40th Anniversary – Ruby
Rubies are red, so why not use that as a starting point with something passionate and heartfelt. Some red roses would be a lovely gift or of course you could go down the jewellery route again if you’re really stuck!

50th Anniversary – Gold
Guess what you could do for your gold wedding anniversary? That’s right, jewellery! It’s the obvious suggestion for gold, but if you wanted to do something else then you could get a nice bottle of Chardonnay, a lovely gold-coloured sparkling wine.

55th Anniversary – Emerald
A trip to Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is a fantastic present for the both of you and a great place to celebrate being married for over half a century. The Irish love a good party!

60th/75th Anniversary – Diamond
Both of these are actually diamond anniversaries and there really is only one choice here – a lovely piece of diamond jewellery! For men who don’t like jewellery, a diamond tie pin or watch is also a great present.

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