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Returning to work after having a Baby.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

After I had Liv I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving her from 8am to 6pm, 5 days a week. The company I had been working for over the last the 6 years had no part time positions available, so sadly I handed in my resignation and started to look for a part time job. 

Eight months later we still hadn't found anything suitable that would even cover the Childcare fees we would have to pay, so we made the decision to try to survive on my Husbands full time wage so that I could be at home with Liv.

I won't lie, it's been a tough time financially but we have managed. Seeing Liv thrive has been worth every single sacrifice and I am so thankfull that I have been able to spend this time teaching her and helping her reach her milestones.

This time next year Liv will be starting nursery so things should be looking up for us on the job search front.

A lot of former colleagues have retrained to enable them to work from home, one Lady I know is now an accountant, I know several freelance writers, a photographer and a Childminder.

I also know a few people that have bought some equipment from somewhere like Capital Hair and Beauty and started up a hair/nail/tanning business.

image: www.freeimages.co.uk

Personally I would rather pay a professional who has set up in their spare room or converted the garage. You get a more personal experience and I like knowing the person you get your treatment from is the one that will benefit from any profit rather than some huge company eating it all up.

It's not often that I get any kind of treatment these days, I usually just buy some wax strips and end up butchering myself! I desperately need to book in for a haircut and maybe even treat myself to some professional leg and eyebrow waxing ready for our holiday. 

Post in collaboration with Capital Hair and Beauty.