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My dream job.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I would absolutely love to be a Wedding Planner, yes seriously!

I know it wouldn't be the same but I absolutely loved planning our wedding and helping my Sister in Law with hers.

I did absolutely everything I could myself, I made things and hand tied what felt like a million bows, not to save moneybut instead trying to add a little of our personality into every aspect we could.

For exmple the Ladies at our wedding were given handmade (not by us!) wooden Welsh Lovespoons. I then made little tags with our names and the date on and hand tied them to the Lovespoons with a little ribbon. 

Even though we got married 6 years ago, I still have Friends and work colleagues asking my advice or reccomendations because they know how much I researched everything and how much I enjoyed it.

My number one wedding planning tip:

Make a decision about the ceremony as soon as possible

If you both agree on a Church service it is a good idea to try to find a reception venue nearby as not all of your guests will drive. If you can't find anything suitable, you could consider looking at a company like Neptunus and have a marquee at home?

If you decide you don't want a Church wedding, your venue could be further afield as guests dont tend to mind travelling when they will be spending all day and evening in the same place.

Everything else starts to fall into place afterwards, I honestly think the venue influences every decision from there on, right from the dresses and suits to the flower arrangements on the dining tables.

Most of all, be you. It's your day, don't try to please everyone because you can't so please you and your Husband/Wife to be instead!

Posted in association with Neptunus.