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A bad photographer blames their tools . . .

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I have learnt a huge lesson this month, and a costly one at that.

It turns out after cursing at my old camera for the last year or so, it wasn't quite as rubbish as I thought it was. Yes it was a few years old so the megapixels weren't as high as they could have been but apart from that it turns out the issue was quite simply ME!

After investing in a brand new Nikon bridge camera and playing around for a few weeks, I have come the conclusion that I'm simply not a natural photographer. In any shape or form. At all. 

My Sister in Law on the other hand has a natural flair with a camera, even if it's on a mobile phone, she has tried to show me how she works but I find you can never really imitate another persons way of working.

I have spent hours looking online and reading all kinds of hints and tips but everything I've found is far too complicated and aimed at professionals.

When this photography tips for amateurs guide dropped into my inbox my heart sank expecting more pages of overly complicated photography terms I don't understand, mixed in with a lot of numbers and symbols like the other "guides" I've seen, making me feel like I'm back in school looking at equations in maths!

As you can see, it is in fact nothing like that at all. It's a simple, straightforward actually helpful guide in simple English! I *may* have made a little woop when I saw it!

The steps are easy for even a complete novice like me to follow, I can't wait to get started with my new piece of kit.

You know the old saying "practice makes perfect"? Well that is about to become my mantra! Watch this space for some super duper amazing photos . . . . . Maybe!

Disclaimer: this guide was sent to me and created by Photobox.