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Holidaying with Children.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Regular readers will know that the subject of caravans is raised quite regularly over here!

Not only is Daddy a salesman, Nanny and Grandad are owners, Livs spends many weekends in them, but we also like to holiday in them.

Both my Husband and I were brought up going in touring or static caravan holidays as Children and both have really fond memories of our Summer holiday trips so it only seems natural that we carry on the tradition.

Livs is a huge beach and swimming lover, she would happily spend all day every day playing with nothing but sand bless her.

Only stopping for the occasional drink of water and the odd ice cream of course - thanks Nana!

Her first holiday was in caravan, I was dreading the travel and nervous about spending two weeks in a smallish space without Liv destroying it! I wish I had read Avoiding a Caravan Catastrophe: Surviving Your Baby’s First Holiday beforehand!

After heading over to Florida for our holiday last year, we are going back to a caravan holiday this year. I heist hope we are lucky enough to have some beach weather.

My only concern is keeping her amused during an epic car journey. She absolutely loved flying last year but obviously can't move about in the car like she did on the plane. We are planning lots of pit stops to allow her to stretch her legs, plenty of non sugary snacks, her DVD player will pass a few hours and hopefully (if she can be persuaded) a nap would pass another couple.

Please pass on your tips if you have any!

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