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Getting Liv swimming.

Monday, 2 June 2014

As some of you will know, last Summer we were very lucky to spend 3 weeks in Florida where Liv, aged 22 months, turned out to be a real water babe.

Unfortunately since then our local leisure centre has sadly been closed down, so we have no where local to take her swimming. She has been forced to splash about in a paddling pool instead, complete with magic wand of course!

We are off to Devon on holiday in the next few weeks so I want to be prepared to get her swimming as much as possible.

Livs Daddy and I both agree that swimming a, as well as being great fun is a potentially life saving skill that we are keen for Liv to learn as soon as possible.

I am currently browsing High octane action sports for some Goggles and and floats to help her feel confident in the water while learning to kick and manoeuvre herself.

I am really excited to get her in the water again, fingers crossed she still loves it!