A little restoration.

Monday, 20 January 2014

While tidying the shelves in our bedroom over the weekend, tucked behind a framed photograph I found my Husbands Christening cup.

It it a lovely cup, with beautiful patterns and his initials engraved in the centre.
It was looking more than a little worse for wear, covered is black areas and awfully dull looking.

I remembered buying sometarnish remover cream a few years ago for an old 9ct gold ring that had literally gone black, the cream had brought it back to life so I thought I would try it out on this too.

It is easy to do but takes a fair bit of scrubbing, you just rub on the cream with a cloth and polish it back off again, many, many times!

After the first application I could see a lot of grey on the cloth but it took a good 4-5 times before I started seeing the results on the cup.

After just over 1.5 hours and a fair bit of elbow grease, this is the result.

I was very pleased and it is now proudly on display in our glass cabinet in the living room as it should be.