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MMR vaccine side effects

Monday, 22 October 2012

Fact or fiction?

Today is the day Liv will be getting her MMR.

I have always believed in immunisation but know its come to the day that someone is going to give a controversial injection to my child, I feel, well different.

Suddenly all of the negative press I have ever read is all I can think about, as I type this my beautiful girl is running up and down laughing, stopping to dance and give herself a clap, the thought that she could be seriously affected for the rest of her life from one jab is terrifying me.

I know a lot of the original report about the MMR side effects has been proved incorrect now but I still have that "What if?" going around and around my head.

I am fighting Googling side effects at the minute, I will speak to the Doctor when we arrive.

Did you immunise?