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Grrrr, dont you just hate it . . . .

Thursday, 18 October 2012

When your little one finally drops to sleep and the phone rings - it's even worse when it turns out to be an unsolicited sales caller asking about PPI, pensions or persuing a claim for an injury you have not sustained, seriously, where do they get your details?!?!

I tell you if my Mother was within earshot she would fill my mouth with soap in a heartbeat ;)

A friend I used to work with once told a cold caller that the MD was out buying some jelly for our monthly we hate cold calls party, awkward silence before the caller hung up haha.

Another Friend of mines Dad responds by simply saying "Sorry I don't speak English" it has NEVER failed, people apologise and hang up even though he is Welsh and only speaks English!!

So confession time, what are your tactics to get rid of sales callers?

I have to remind myself that they are just trying to earn a living but boy do they have a bad sense of timing . . . . .


  1. They are a serious pain in the arse. I'm registered with the TPS but they still filter through. The worst offenders are ones doing surveys, wanting to know your income, and then of course the ones from India who don't speak good English and don't seem to understand the term "eff off".

    CJ x

  2. It is seriously a huge hate of mine, I try not to swear but its very very hard!! TPS used to work but it is useless at the minute, I have even had to explain to some of them what it is haha!

    I always have to stifle a giggle when they can hardly pronounce their "Work name" but expect us to believe they are really called, Dave or James hehe

    I understand you have a job to do but be warned the third time you phone my house, you will be sorry! ;)x

  3. I hate it when Isla falls asleep and Hubby talks, it wakes her up immediately. Grrr :)

    1. There are days when I just hate it when Hubby talks ;) hehe